Advanced methods based on active thermography for fast inspection of cast iron components used in the automotive industry

Montanini, Roberto; University of Messina; Italy

Freni, F.; University of Messina; Italy
Marsili, R.; University of Perugia; Italy
Montanini, R.; University of Messina; Italy
Quattrocchi, A.; University of Messina; Italy
Di Giacomo, A.; University of Messina; Italy
Rossi, G.; University of Perugia; Italy

ID: ECNDT-0186-2018
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Session: Thermography and Thermosonics Applications
Room: H1
Date: 2018-06-14
Time: 15:20 - 15:40

This paper explores the application of vibrothermography with ultrasonic excitation for the detection and quantification of flaws in industrial cast iron components. The use of amplitude modulated ultrasonic heat generation allowed selective response of defected area, since the defect itself is turned into a local thermal wave emitter. Due to the very fast cycle time (< 30 s/part), the method could potentially be applied for 100% quality control of cast parts. After a brief description of the measurement technique and experimental setup used to carry out the tests, main results and discussion are reported. Most emphasis has been addressed to assess the influence of different operative parameters on defect’s detection capability as well as accurate sizing of the discontinuity.