Advanced techniques for robot-based ultrasonic testing of complex-shape CFRP components

Bulavinov, Andrey; ACS-Solutions GmbH; Germany

Bulavinov, A.N.; I-Deal Technologies; Germany
Pinchuk, R.; ACS-Group; Germany
Samokrutov, A.; ACS-Group; Russia

ID: ECNDT-0525-2018
Session: Robotic and automation 1
Room: H2
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 15:40 - 16:00

CFRP components from the point of view of the in-process quality assurance and ultrasonic material testing pose quite a challenging task due to its specific acoustic properties and complex shape. Constructional and productionall optimization of CFRP parts show a tendency to more and more integrated and geometrically complex design with numerous three-dimensional curved surfaces and versatile material mixtures. These aspects make CFRP components to rather “complicated” objects for the ultrasonic testing. However, UT remains the most applied method in the industrial praxis.
Modern signal processing and image reconstruction techniques for phased array generated data such as ‘Digital Focus Array’ and ‘Sampling Phased Array’ allow tomographic representation of the inspection volume and thus accurate flaw evaluation. The geometric complexity of the considered CFRP parts significantly complicates tomographic imaging approach and requires more advanced technological solutions in inspection systems as well as the image processing methodology.
In the current contribution, an inspection technique and system solution for CFRP component testing will be presented that combines fast optical profile measurement, automated data acquisition by a robotic inspection manipulator with real-time tomographic reconstruction of inspection volume alone with a novel 3D image analysis approach for complex-shape parts.