Foucher, Fabrice; EXTENDE; France

Foucher, F.; EXTENDE; France
Lonne, S.; EXTENDE; France
Toullelan, G.; CEA; France
Mahaut, S.; CEA; France
Chatillon, S.; CEA, LIST; France

ID: ECNDT-0227-2018
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Session: Mathematical Modelling - UT
Room: J2
Date: 2018-06-11
Time: 15:20 - 15:40

Numerical modelling is widely used in the frame of inspection qualification process, since it offers the capability to study a wide scope of configurations, and at a lower cost compared to a full experimental campaign. In this context, the reliability of simulation models is of the highest importance. Validation works related to the CIVA software simulation modules have been carried out from the origin of their development in the nineties, each times new models are developed. One has also to mention other validation works that are managed in the frame of various industrial collaborations and also the participation to industrial benchmarks such as those proposed annually by the World Federation of NDE centers ( However, all these results are not publicly available. That is why, in order to provide a better overview and determine the field of application of CIVA simulation tools, a long-range collaboration work has been engaged since 2010 by the CEA-LIST & EXTENDE around CIVA validation campaigns. This is based on comparisons between experimental results and CIVA predictions on configurations representative of industrial NDT applications. The results are available on the EXTENDE website. This paper will give an overview of the different works performed and will focus on several examples.