Uglešić, Davor; D&Z doo; Croatia

Uglesic, D.; D & Z doo; Croatia

ID: ECNDT-0480-2018
Session: Art and Cultural Heritage
Room: R2
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 16:40 - 17:00

The St. James’s Cathedral in Šibenik is one of the most important monuments of Renaissance architecture in Croatia. Monitoring with the 44 sensors lasts for sixteen years. For monitoring, are used: thermometer, hygrometer, strain gauges embedded on iron ties and stone elements and LVDTs embedded over cracks. In progress is analysis of results obtained in the first fifteen years. The goal of the analysis is to determine the trends and irregularities in the behavior of structural elements, and on that basis to conclude if there works carried out near the cathedral, as well as specific interventions on the cathedral, had an impact on the structure. After the preliminary stage of analysis, it was concluded that was necessary to use different kinds of analyses such as structural time series analysis with the temperature as explanatory variable. Analyses of simple and multiple linear regression of interrelations between various sensors and temperature are carried out also. At least neural network analyses were carried out which showed very interesting correlations between temperature changes and results of some strain gauges. Although most of the sensors has a significant correlation with temperature changes, other influences are of the same order of magnitude, and it must not be ignored. There is a statistically significant correlation between most of sensors regardless of the location in the structure. It is interesting to note that some sensors that show relatively low correlation with temperature have a high correlation with each other. This indicates that the structure of the cathedral acts as a single entity regardless of the specific method of construction. In this article will be presented conclusions based on the results, as well as suggestions for further activities on structure testing, to extend and complete the knowledge about the state of the cathedral structure.