Automatic eddy current testing system of bolts

Samedov, Yaver; BURSAM NDT; Turkey

Kushaev, R.; NPF Demas; Russia
Samedov, Y.; Bursam NDT; Turkey

ID: ECNDT-0491-2018

Nowadays a need in testing the bolts that are used in critical tasks becomes more and more actual. In particular bolts from M6 to M78, used in nuclear power engineering, space technology, etc. In this matter the eddy current testing seems to be most effective. For this purpose were developed automated eddy current units. Also it was developed a especial digital two-channel eddy current flaw detector. The output signal is generated in the FPGA. The received signal from the probe is fed directly to the ADC. Digital signal processing is performed on FPGA. This allows several frequencies to be generated and analyzed simultaneously. All mentioned above allowed to increase the speed of testing and produce full digital signal processing.