Characterization of an Aluminium Alloy Aircraft Component using Eddy Current Testing

Mabuza, Boy; Vaal University of Technology; South Africa

Mabuza, B.R.; Vaal University of Technology; South Africa
Molefe, L.; Vaal University of Technology; South Africa

ID: ECNDT-0391-2018
Session: Aerospace 4
Room: G1
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 09:00 - 09:20

Aircrafts are very important mode of transport and as a result they need diligent care when manufacturing them. To maintain optimum quality and reliability, inspections in critical areas and maintenance of aircraft structure is crucial. Any presence of unwanted alloys may result in fatal accidents. Due to the manufacturing processes involved, high possibilities exist that in-service defects may occur.

The constituting elements of this aluminium alloy aircraft component will be determined using the positive material identification (PMI) to establish its aluminium alloy series. The presence of defects is determined by using Eddy Current Testing method which is based on electromagnetism. The eddy current flowing through the material enables the probe to detect the conductivity of the component.

The results obtained clearly show presence of defects in the aluminium aircraft component and the aluminium alloy series has been established. Various elements were found in an aluminium alloy aircraft component. Some undesired element were detected but they were at a very low level which cannot have an effect on the operation of the aircraft.