Characterization of materials by non-destructive methods

Walaszek, Henri; Centre Technique des Industries Mecaniques; France

Samet, N.; CETIM-CERMAT; France
Walaszek, H.; CETIM; France
Zhang, F.; CETIM; France

ID: ECNDT-0326-2018
Session: Materials Characterization - ElectroMagnetic Techniques 1
Room: J2
Date: 2018-06-15
Time: 09:00 - 09:20

Non-destructive testing can detect defects in structures (welding defects, fatigue cracks, etc.). When characterizing or evaluating the structural or mechanical properties of materials, it is often destructive means that are used in industry (Micrographic cutting, hardness measurement, X-ray diffraction with removal of material, etc.).

The development of non-destructive methods to replace destructive methods is a key activity in CETIM’s missions to mechanical companies. Among NDT methods, some are particularly useful in meeting these needs. For metals, two families of methods are of great interest: ultrasonic methods and electromagnetic methods (eddy currents, ferromagnetic noise, combination of several methods).
We present below some of the applications in this area.
The presentation will cover various applications recently developed at CETIM:
• Characterization of the depth of thermal or superficial thermochemical treatment
• Sorting of parts according to microstructure and phases
• Assessment of applied or residual stresses
• Detection of grinding burns
• On-line monitoring of sheet quality before and after stamping