Crack detection around fastener holes with Total Focusing Method ultrasonic system

Voillaume, Hubert; M2M; France

Holette, M.; Dassault Aviation; France
Trétout, H.; Dassault Aviation; France
Voillaume, H.; M2M; France
Guerid, J.; M2M; France

ID: ECNDT-0132-2018
Download: PDF
Session: Aerospace 1
Room: G1
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 11:50 - 12:10

In complex shape assemblies currently used in aeronautics, it can be tricky to be able to detect cracks around fastener holes. This is the challenge that phased array ultrasounds are facing with the objective to extend the aircraft lifetime with minimum inspection effort and avoiding fastener removal. After a first concept developed few years ago by Dassault Aviation and based on large linear array in a pseudo-tandem configuration, a new test campaign has been made. Taking benefit of the Total Focusing Method, images are obtained in transverse mode considering rebounds on the backwall (TTT and TTTT). Results are presented and discussed to illustrate the capability and the reliability of the method.