EM sensor array system and performance evaluation for inline measurement of phase transformation in steel

Yang, Haibing; Tata Steel Nederland BV; Netherlands

Yang, H.; Tata Steel; Netherlands
van den Berg, F.D.; Tata Steel; Netherlands
Bos, C.; Tata Steel; Netherlands
Luinenburg, A.; Tata Steel; Netherlands
Mosk, J.; Tata Steel; Netherlands
Hunt, P.; Primetals Technologies; United Kingdom
Dolby, M.; Primetals Technologies; United Kingdom
Hinton, J.; Primetals Technologies; United Kingdom
Peyton, A.J.; University of Manchester; United Kingdom
Davis, C.L.; University of Warwick; United Kingdom

ID: ECNDT-0217-2018
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Session: Materials Characterization - ElectroMagnetic Techniques 1
Room: J2
Date: 2018-06-15
Time: 09:20 - 09:40

In a hot strip mill, the evolution of phase transformation in steel during the dynamic cooling process on a run-out table has a significant effect on the microstructure and mechanical properties of hot rolled materials and further processing in the subsequent processing steps. An electromagnetic sensor array system, EMSpec® (ElectroMagnetic Spectroscopy), has been developed for inline measurement of steel phase transformation. The first industrialized system has been installed on the run-out table of the hot strip mill #2 at Tata Steel in The Netherlands for industrial trials.

The EMSpec system consists of multiple sensor nodes located at different positions on the run-out table. Each sensor node measures the impedance spectrum, from which the amount of transformed phase fraction is determined based on a measurement model. All the sensor nodes are calibrated for the delivery of proper sensor signals, such that progressively increasing phase transformation of the steel strip travelling from one node to the next can be correctly measured.

Besides the sensing principle and system calibration, this paper presents inline measurement results, which are interpreted and compared with phase transformation predictions from a physical thermodynamic and kinetic phase transformation model.