EMU Blender Failures Inspection Using Acoustic Diagnosis Technology

Peng, Chaoyong; Southwest Jiaotong University; China

Peng, C.; Southwest Jiaotong University; China
Gao, X.; Southwest Jiaotong University; China
Peng, J.; Southwest Jiaotong University; China
Guo, J.; Chengdu Lead Science & Technology Co. Ltd; China
Wang, A.; Chengdu Lead Science & Technology Co. Ltd; China
Yu, F.; Chengdu Lead Science & Technology Co. Ltd; China

ID: ECNDT-0150-2018
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Session: Transportation, railway & automotive 1
Room: R2
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 14:10 - 14:30

Plenty of fans are equipped in EMU trains for cooling traction, power supply and other relative critical facilities. Fan running faults may act over-temperature alarm which furtherly leads to speed decrease and even force the train to stop during operating. Frequent fans failure cases are due to bearing defect, fan leaf imperfections, rotator misalignment, etc. Present solution mainly employs human ears for select and judgement of abnormal sound from failure fans. In this paper, an automated EMU fan inspection technology and system installed at the trackside is studied. The system consists three sets of trackside modules which are audio acquiring module, video monitoring module and speed measuring module, as well as a data analysis terminal. When EMU is running into maintenance depot, the system will automatically acquire fan audio and carry out STFT analysis, and then main failure types of fans will be localized and reported. The whole inspection process is self-service, automated and high efficient.