Examination of In-process Flaw Detection for Layered Structures by Eddy Current Testing.

Oohashi, Takeru; IHI corporation; Japan

Hatanaka, H.; IHI Corporation; Japan
Hiroki, K.; Kabushiki Kaisha IHI Yokohama Engineering Center; Japan
Oohashi, T.; IHI corporation; Japan
Oshima, T.; IHI Corporation; Japan

ID: ECNDT-0127-2018
Session: In-process monitoring for Additive Manufacturing
Room: H1
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 14:10 - 14:30

Three-dimensional printing (3DP) has been actively focused in research and development for manufacturing complex-shaped structures and components. X-ray computed tomography (X-CT) has been studied as one of the NDT methods after manufacturing processes. However, X-CT is very costly and time consuming. In this paper, authors discuss a new in-process NDT method for 3DP manufacturing processes using eddy-current testing (ET). Designed and experimentally fabricated ET probe contains multi-channel sensors so as to achieve wider range flaw detection. The influence of the unmelted metal powders, the edge effect, and the lift-off by use of the fabricated probe are discussed and the verification results are presented.