Experience in application of eddy current technique for the inspection of D30-KU/KP/KU-154 aircraft engine disks during on-site maintenance

Vasilchuk, Maksim; UEC-Saturn; Russian Federation

Vasilchuk, M.V.; UEC-Saturn; Russia
Elkes, А.А.; UEC-Saturn; Russia
Mikolaichuk, Y.A.; GosNII GA; Russia
Kapshar, O.V.; GosNII GA; Russia
Opanasenko, A.V.; Prompribor LLC; Russia

ID: ECNDT-0158-2018
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Session: Eddy Current-Application 2
Room: H2
Date: 2018-06-15
Time: 11:50 - 12:10

This paper presents the results of eddy-current technology elaboration aimed at detection of fatigue cracks on the 1st stage low pressure (LP) compressor disk during on-site maintenance of D30-KP/KU/KU-154 engines.