Feasibility study of a new X-ray based measurement method using aluminium cast parts.



ID: ECNDT-0263-2018
Date: 1970-01-01
Time: -

Applications of industrial computed tomography (CT) to the field of dimensional measurements have been evolving rapidly during the last decade. In multiple fields of industry, along with the detection of defects and flaws in workpieces, dimensional quality control is nowadays in high demand. In many cases, quick decisions based on measurement data should be made about the acceptance or rejection of parts. Thus, one current issue is speeding up CT scanning while maintaining the required measurement data quality. Although rapid CT acquisition and reconstruction modes already exist, the accuracy of these quick measurements is very often compromised by such a speed-up and could be insufficient. To overcome this issue, we propose a novel projection-based measurement strategy based on a typical industrial CT setup. In our method fewer radiographic views are acquired compared to typical CT scans leading to a reduction of acquisition time. To ensure the desired accuracy of the measurement, features of interest and favourable projections are selected prior to the actual CT acquisition. Besides the improvement in scanning time a further benefit of the projection-based approach is that reconstruction artefacts and their influence on the measurements could be reduced. The paper shows the feasibility of such an approach and discusses its possible advantages and disadvantages. First results acquired at aluminium cast parts using a real CT setup and respective simulations made with BAM software aRTist will be presented.