From topside to subsea weld inspection

Haukanes, Frode; Aker Solutions AS; Norway

Haukanes, F.; Aker Solutions; Norway

ID: ECNDT-0197-2018
Session: Oil & Gas 5
Room: H2
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 13:50 - 14:10

Deploying topside NDT technologies to subsea environment requires good collaboration with several parties. We were challenged with a scenario to inspect jacket welds subsea. We started with empty hands and within 6 months we completed a subsea inspection. We partnered with ROV Company, inspection equipment manufacturer and assigned skilled personnel. We defined what needed to be done and started concept phase for probes, scanner ring solution, manipulator, deployment and transport. The intention was to create a system that would scan a complete weld node on jacket structure in on pass. To accomplish this, the probes needed to be custom made and the manipulator arm functionality had to be very flexible. In addition all data must be digital recordable for future trending. We wanted god visual capabilities so video and laser were mounted on the ROV and manipulator arm. As we in the fabrication phase will replace MT/PT with digital electromagnetic or ultrasound techniques the trending for life time assessment s very important. We want to know and understand degradation in the structures entire lifetime. So having a baseline from topside is very valuable. This presentation show how we deploy topside technology in the subsea environment.