How phased array helps make inspecting corrosion-resistant alloys and dissimilar welds easier

Couturier, Thierry; Olympus; France

Couturier, T.; Olympus; France

ID: ECNDT-0198-2018

Many industries are increasingly using welds that are austenitic or contain dissimilar weld materials to create components with improved or specifically-engineered properties. For example, a part may need high temperature resistance in one area and good corrosion resistance in another. Other structures may need a combination of toughness or wear resistance in one location and high strength in another location.

The inspection of these types of welds with ultrasonic phased array technology has certain challenges relating to the changes in density and acoustic properties of the materials (anisotropy). This paper provides a step-by-step overview of the points to consider when carrying out ultrasonic (UT) inspections of austenitic or dissimilar-material welds to help ensure that reliable data are captured. It also shows how Olympus’ comprehensive range of flaw detection products can be used to facilitate the inspection process.