Improved Efficiency for Multi-Technology Inspections (UT and ECT)

Monette, Michael; Zetec; Canada

Monette, M.; Zetec; Canada
Maggy, L.; Zetec; USA
Bellerive, Y.; Zetec; Canada
Verspeelt, D.; Zetec; Canada
Laprise, F.; Zetec; Canada

ID: ECNDT-0115-2018
Download: PDF
Session: Nuclear Industry 3
Room: H2
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 15:40 - 16:00

Mission-critical NDT inspections of components and equipment in power generating plants often require both surface examination and complete volumetric examination of the considered components. Obviously, permanent data records are a key requirement for such inspections.
Conventional or phased array UT technology is preferred over RT as the volumetric inspection technique, because it is non-disruptive to other activities, and for its superior inspection capability. Although PT or MT can be used for surface examination, Eddy Current Array (ECA) technology is an obvious trade-up, because it provides permanent data records.
It is easy to deploy one or more ECA probes and UT probes on a common scanning mechanism. Unfortunately, the combined implementation of the two techniques can be laborious, because it often requires different testers ran by different software.
This paper will explain how a single comprehensive software package can streamline the inspection process, by simultaneously driving best-in-class PA UT and ECA systems from a single computer, and collect examination data from both inspection technologies.
Application examples (e.g. rotor bore inspection) will illustrate the value of this solution. Dedicated data analysis features for both inspection technologies will be presented, and the benefits of a single software platform for data imaging, evaluation and reporting will be demonstrated.