Improvements in Probability of Detection (POD) using video borescopes

Britton, T.; Baker Hughes, a GE Company; USA

Ward, T.; GE Inspection Technologies; USA

ID: ECNDT-0441-2018
Download: PDF
Session: Visual Techniques
Room: R2
Date: 2018-06-15
Time: 11:10 - 11:30

While borescopes are critically important for inspectors in the aviation, oil & gas and power generation sectors, the full potential of remote inspections remain somewhat hampered by the standard definition imaging such technology provides. In fact, standard definition image quality currently available for such deployments has rendered the idea of digital zoom virtually useless. Portable inspection technology with embedded expertise and remote collaboration, has drastically reduced expensive downtime in these fields by making NDT more efficient, reliable and accessible. New advancements in HD technology and digital zoom capabilities will provide organizations across these key markets with unprecedented visibility that will ensure inspections are faster and even more precise than ever. Through a series of technical use cases with corresponding graphics comparing standard and HD inspection images, this white paper will demonstrate the value of HD inspection to NDT, enabling quicker and more accurate results while greatly increasing probability of detection.