Improving SpotWeld Inspection Results Using Phased-Array Capabilities

Bron, Michael; ScanMaster Systems(IRT) Ltd.; Israel

Afek, T.Y.; ScanMaster Systems Ltd.; Israel
Bron, M.; ScanMaster Systems Ltd.; Israel

ID: ECNDT-0122-2018
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Among the NDT methods, the ultrasonic (UT) method of SpotWeld inspection in the automotive industry is known to be most efficient and highly reliable. In the automotive industry, results obtained using conventional UT solutions, which have been in use for decades, have proved highly comparable with those obtained using traditional destructive methods.

In recent years, there has been increasing industry use of advanced methods such as multi-element inspection, Phased Array, and so on. These methods are capable of providing qualification of the weld based on measurement of weld nugget size, but in some cases they are insufficient for qualification of the weld type.

ScanMaster Systems (IRT) Ltd., a leading vendor of SpotWeld inspection equipment, has invested much effort in developing new advanced capabilities for its existing product. Our latest development utilizes the most advanced Phased Array hardware, propriety data collection and cutting edge analysis methods. These enhancements enable dramatically improved detection of bad spots and provide more accurate classification of SpotWeld quality and geometry. Real-time data analysis not only reduces inspection time, but also provides simple and intuitive tools for the operator, allowing the inspection procedure to be performed by novice operators.