In-process ultrasonics inspection method for ultraviolet (UV) out of die curing pultrusion process

Dominguez-Macaya Lopez, Ander; Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa; Spain

Dominguez-Macaya, A.; University of Mondragon; Spain
Saenz, I.; University of Mondragon; Spain
Abete, J.M.; University of Mondragon; Spain
Aurrekoetxea, I.; University of Mondragon; Spain
Iturrospe, A.; University of Mondragon; Spain

ID: ECNDT-0544-2018
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Session: Composite Material - UT 5
Room: G1
Date: 2018-06-15
Time: 11:30 - 11:50

The process of ultraviolet (UV) cured out of die bent pultrusion allows manufacturing bent composite parts with variable curvatures. Yet, the process is still quite new and there is a lack in the control of the curing degree of the material, with reliable sensing feedback. Moreover, monitoring the degree of cure of the composite is of great importance to ensure part mechanical properties, the absence of internal defects such as voids or delaminations, as well as for the control of the process to avoid material undesired expansion of the pultruded part. In this paper, a new method for monitoring the curing degree based on ultrasound inspection is outlined. The evolution of the material properties have been monitored during the cure process with Lamb wave based inspection. The propagation phase speed and attenuation of the main modes have been studied. These parameters have been characterised as a function of frequency and incidence angle. The different Lamb modes have shown a different behaviour during the curing process. I has been proved to be valuable to determine the degree of cure according to the necessary requirements to control the out of die pultrusion process.