In-service inspection of sealing surfaces on flanges- Automated 3D Phased Array Solutions

Ole Nørrekær Mortensen; Denmark

Coauthor, H.R.; Force Technology; Denmark
Nesevski, Z.; Force Technology; Denmark

ID: ECNDT-0010-2018
Session: Applied PAUT 2
Room: G2
Date: 2018-06-14
Time: 16:00 - 16:20

In order to visually inspect the sealing surface of flanges in a pipe system, a shutdown of the whole or part of the system has historically been necessary. Shutdown is an inconvenient and in many cases also a very costly way to inspect flanges.

As part of our Advanced Non-destructive Testing (NDT) program, FORCE Technology has developed an Automated Inspection Solution for In-service Inspection of Flanges, based on 3D Phased Array technique. The flexibility of the 3D Phased Array technique is suited for various setups, according to the specific geometry, and enables inspection of different types of flanges.
Traditionally, flanges in pipe facilities have been visu- ally inspected, which requires disassembling of the flanges, and consequently a production shutdown.

In case of corrosion on the sealing surface, the flange often has to be exchanged, and the period of shot down is extended.

New flanges are often not in stock, due to the nu- merous amounts of different types of flanges, and delivery time can be long.

Therefore, offshore contractors have demanded a method for In-service inspection of the sealing sur- faces of flanges, In order to get a method for in- specting the flanges without disassembling them, and to be able to order new flanges in time for a planned shut down.