Inspecting Seamless Tubes with Phased Array Using the Gapless Inspection Method

Grondin, Etienne; Olympus Scientific Solutions America; Canada

Grondin, E.; Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas; Canada

ID: ECNDT-0088-2018
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Session: Ultrasonic Inspection 1
Room: G2
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 09:40 - 10:00

The seamless tube manufacturing process can generate flaws in various angles around the longitudinal axis of the tube. These flaws, primarily created during the lamination process, can cause the tube to fail while in use, potentially leading to catastrophic economic and social impacts. For this reason, seamless tube manufacturers maintain high-quality requirements for their products. Automated phased array rotating tube inspection systems (RTIS) provide accurate flaw detection in multiple discrete orientations and are now required to meet the stringent quality standards required by the industry. However, this inspection method assumes that the manufacturing process generates flaws at certain discrete angles, which is not always the case. To improve the quality control of seamless tube manufacturing, homogenous flaw detection over a broad range of oblique angles, referred to as gapless inspection, is required. This paper presents an innovative calibration and inspection method specifically designed to obtain high homogeneity inspection over a wide range of flaw angles during the inspection of seamless tubes.