Inspection of lamp posts and other inaccessible areas with EMAT Medium Range Guided Waves

Boyero Molina, Carlos; Innerspec Technologies Europe S.L.; Spain

Romero, A.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L; Spain
Boyero, C.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L; Spain
Garcia, V.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L; Spain
Hernández, F.; Innerspec Technologies Inc.; USA
Syed, A.; Innerspec Technologies Inc.; USA
López, B.; Innerspec Technologies Inc.; USA

ID: ECNDT-0134-2018
Download: PDF
Session: EMAT
Room: G2
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 13:30 - 13:50

Corrosion detection is an essential part of critical assets protection strategy. This activity becomes especially challenging when the object being inspected is buried, covered or coated. Lamp posts, underground road crossing pipes and insulated tubes are examples of these situations. The presence of moisture in this out-of-sight environment aggravates the degradation process making the inspection of inaccessible sections a matter of vital importance.

EMAT Guided Waves are presented as a solution that performs volumetric inspection of the structure without having direct access to the inaccessible zone, detecting corrosion hotspots in a fast and easy manner.