Inter-Laboratory proficiency testing of NDT labs according to ISO 17043 as a tool for continuos improvment principle according to ISO 9001

Zavadil, Tomáš; ATG - Advanced Technology Group; Czech Republic

Zavadil, T.; Advanced Technology Group; Czech Republic

ID: ECNDT-1004-2018

Inter-laboratory proficiency testing of NDT laboratories acc. to ISO 17043 is an effective tool to select laboratories competent to perform the NDT tasks according to the customer requirements in desired quality especially. The goal of this article is to show that inter-laboratory proficiency testing is also a relevant tool for assessing the continuous improvement principle acc. to ISO 9001. It is demonstrated how proficiency testing may help the NDT labs to fully understand the NDT process, get feedback and self-reflection on performing NDT tasks, monitor the internal efficiency and improve the laboratory through a continuous evolution of NDT process.