Low-frequency Ultrasonic Characterization of Wood-Based Sample

Mohamed, Mohd Noorul Ikhsan; Malaysian Nuclear Agency; Malaysia

Mohamed, M.N.I.; Malaysian Nuclear Agency; Malaysia
Aziz, S.A.; Universiti Putra Malaysia; Malaysia

ID: ECNDT-0631-2018

Methods based on the propagation of the ultrasonic signal in wood-based sample. The ultrasonic stress wave phenomena are proven useful in the diagnosis of non-metallic materials such as polymers and composite but rarely used in wood-based sample. The aim of this research is to demonstrate that ultrasonic measurement can produce satisfactory results in predicting certain properties of wood-based samples. The information is very important to diagnose the condition inside the trunk. The experiment has been conducted on an agarwood sample using low-frequency ultrasonic equipment. The apparatus equipped with an exponential horn low-frequency normal probe. Through transmission method of a longitudinal ultrasonic wave has been used throughout this experiment to measure the velocity of the ultrasonic signal through the sample. The result showed that the ultrasonic technique can be used in diagnosing a wooden sample.