Mathematical modelling of elastic wave propagation through damaged interfaces: stochastic/periodic distributions of cracks and imperfect contact

Golub, Mikhail; Kuban State University; Russian Federation

Golub, M.V.; Kuban State University; Russia
Doroschenko, O.V.; Kuban State University; Russia
Boström, A.E.; Chalmers University of Technology; Sweden

ID: ECNDT-0252-2018
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Session: Mathematical Modelling - UT
Room: J2
Date: 2018-06-11
Time: 16:20 - 16:40

The aim of the present work is to provide comparative studies of wave propagation through damaged interfaces between dissimilar media using different approaches. The first approach assumes application of spring boundary conditions in order to describe the cohesive zone or weakened adhesion zone. Expressions for the spring stiffness matrix are derived so that frequency, elastic properties of contacting materials and size of defects are taken into account. This approach is closely related to another approach based on the introduction of a stochastic distribution of cracks. A doubly periodic array of delaminations is also considered and elastic wave transmission through periodic and stochastic distributions of delaminations is compared. The influence of the shape and distribution of delaminations on wave diffraction, blocking and transmission are analysed.