Measurement of Thermal Barrier Coating (TBCs) Topcoat Thickness by Pulsed Thermography Method

Kim, Wontae; Kongju National University; Korea

Kim, W.; Kongju National University; Korea
Shrestha, R.; Kongju National University; Korea
Chung, Y.; Kongju National University; Korea
Choi, M.; Safety Measurement Center; Korea

ID: ECNDT-0548-2018
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In this work, we focused on the possibilities of measuring non-uniform topcoat of thermal barrier coating using pulsed thermography method. A comparative study of simulation and experimental result is presented. In an experimental investigation, a short and high energy light pulse impinged on the sample surface, and an infrared camera was used for the monitoring of the surface temperature of a thermal wave propagated into the sample. For simulation, the ThermoCalc™-3D software based on the FDM was used for the replication of the physical phenomena that were present in the experiment. The response of thermally excited surface was recorded, and data processing with Fourier transform was carried out to obtain the phase angle. The calculated phase angle was correlated with the coating thickness. The method demonstrated potential in the evaluation of coating thickness and was successfully applied to measure the non-uniform top layers ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.6 mm.