NDE of Storage Tanks

Forster, Johan; Kiwa Inspecta; Sweden

Forster, J.; Kiwa Inspecta Technology AB; Sweden

ID: ECNDT-0496-2018

Evaluation of the structural health of storage tanks is of importance for both environmental-and public safety. The degradation mechanisms are mainly corrosion associated due to both aggressive surroundings and contained fluids in combination with sub-optimal material and structure. Cracking of welds and the heat affected zone also have an impact of the structural integrity tank. Neglecting inspection of less prioritized components such as tank roofs creates major safety risks.
Corrosion can be expected to occur on both the outer and inner surfaces of the tank shell, and appear as uniform or non-uniform corrosion, crevice corrosion etc.
A combination NDE technologies for floor scanning, wall scanning, roof scanning corrosion mapping along with ET-array and UT Phased Array scanning of butt welds and leak testing have been successfully used to inspect storage tanks.
A review of this NDE toolbox will be presented.