NDT chat-bot is the digital project of NDT society in Russia

Galkin, Denis; Ltd «ICB«Gradient»; Russian Federation

Galkin, D.I.; Ltd «ICB«Gradient»; Russia
Akhmedova, O.R.; Ltd «ICB«Gradient»; Russia

ID: ECNDT-0520-2018

Dynamic development of IT-technologies provides openness and availability of information as well as possibility to get any consultation and advices. Chat-bots become perspective direction of implementation IT-technologies either in domestic or in professional sphere of human life taking into account rapid growth of the Messengers users’ audience.

Chat-bot is the program that simulates interlocutor in the chat. The answers on the users’ requests can be presented as the text information, pictures or files. The answers are programed by the developer (creator).

Professionally oriented chat-bots would become the main source of information for any specialists including specialists in NDT.

Based on the example of the developed in Telegram (@NDTgrad, @NDTZone) chat-bots for NDT specialists there are the main directions of human-bot interactions:
– to provide information about valid documents in NDT;
– to select of UT, RT parameters for defined object of the control;
– to define the rejection criterias for defined object of the control;
– to test knowledge in the NDT area;
– to obtain the information about the validity of a specialist certificate.

So Chat-bot is the tool to solve professional issues. It makes possible to reduce significantly the costs for routine work and as the result to increase the labour productivity.