New affordable ECT, RFT, and NFT package for tube inspection

Morais, Ghislain; olympus-ossa; Canada

Morais, G.; Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas; Canada

ID: ECNDT-0029-2018

Ghislain Morais
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, Canada,

Portable and easy to use: the NORTEC® 600 eddy current flaw detector
The rugged, high-performance NORTEC 600 flaw detector improves the process of tube inspection. Now, the NORTEC 600 flaw detector and the full N600 tube probe kit is packaged in a convenient portable case.
With this new tube probe kit, both air-conditioning heat exchanger tubing and steel heat exchanger tubing can be inspected using one instrument.
The N600 tube probe kit is ideal for air-conditioning copper tube inspection using ECT probes. When NFT and RFT probes are required, the N600 tube probe kit enables inspection of the entire steel tube, localized inspection, or even indication checks.
The flaw detector’s Application Selection menu provides predefined factory settings that are designed for heat exchanger applications.
Combined with the tube probe kit, the fast learning curve and simplicity of the NORTEC 600 flaw detector greatly improve tube inspection.
A number of advanced features help optimize this solution for tube inspection: the all-in-one display features up to three configurable traces for frequency 1, frequency 2, and mixed channels. The auto-mix feature of the NORTEC 600 flaw detector enables instant signal mixing. Real-time readings display up to two real-time signal measurements, in standard or full-screen mode. These measurements can be varied to display various amplitude of angle (phase) characteristics of the signal. Finally, the flaw detector’s vivid screen and long battery life provide high portability and facilitate inspections under challenging conditions.
These features of the NORTEC 600 flaw detector make it an ideal choice for tube inspection over other larger and more expensive systems.