New EMAT solutions for the railway industry

Jimenez Garrido, Jesus Antonio; Innerspec Technologies Europe S.L.; Spain

Santos, Raquel.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L; Spain
Jimenez, J.A.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L; Spain
Boyero, C.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L; Spain
Romero, R.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L; Spain
Garcia, V.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L; Spain
Syed, A.; Innerspec Technologies Inc.; USA
Hernández, F.; Innerspec Technologies Inc.; USA
López, B.; Innerspec Technologies Europe, S.L.; Spain

ID: ECNDT-0113-2018
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Session: Transportation, railway & automotive UT 1
Room: R2
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 09:20 - 09:40

With the constant increase of rail traffic, travelling speeds and rail car loads, the use of the appropriate NDT method to assess the integrity of railcar and rail track components is becoming more and more critical. These factors cause increased wear and degradation in railway assets meaning enhanced inspection requirements where optimization of inspection time becomes a crucial factor.
EMATs have the ability to perform couplant-free inspection making them ideal for a variety of rail industry applications where the existence of liquids is not convenient or even acceptable having better tolerance to surface conditions and allowing for faster inspection of components without compromising reliability.
Recent advances in the development of solutions for inspection of railway components carried out by Innerspec Technologies using EMATs are presented in this document. These include inspection or rail track and rolling stock components using Innerspec´s portable inspection equipment.