Non-destructive Determination of Curing State of Rubbers during Vulcanization Process

Ülger, Ceren; Standart Profil; Turkey

Ülger, C.; Standart Profil; Turkey
Aydin, E.; Standart Profil; Turkey
Yelbay, H.I.; Middle East Technical University; Turkey
Kutlu, A.E.; Standart Profil; Turkey
Gür, C.H.; Middle East Technical University; Turkey

ID: ECNDT-0284-2018
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Session: Process Control 1
Room: R2
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 11:10 - 11:30

Vulcanization process directly affects the final properties of the elastomer products. In this study, a procedure consisting of non-destructive evaluation and dynamic mechanical analysis methods is proposed to monitor the curing state. To investigate the influence of curing time, the samples of EPDM compounds were cured at 125oC for different time intervals. It was aimed to obtain a similar vulcanization curve via Rubber Process Analyser (RPA 2000) with isothermal curing test. The results were compared with the results of Shore A hardness, IRHD N hardness and Universal Mechanical Test. The results showed that ultrasonic wave velocity, hardness, and the maximum force at 50% deformation increase with increasing curing time. In addition, tangent delta values depicted a reverse trend as an associate result of an increase in viscoelastic properties.