Non-destructive testing of composite structures: from prototype qualification to online production inspection

Terrien, Nicolas; Centre Technique des Industries Mecaniques Nantes; France

Terrien, N.; CETIM; France
Colas, O.; CETIM; France

ID: ECNDT-0222-2018
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Session: Composite Material - AE
Room: G1
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 10:00 - 10:20

This paper deals with the structural quality assessment of composites structures during their life cycle. Thus, this talk will start by a presentation of the main Non Destructive Testing methods preconized during composite prototypes qualification. The benefits of X-ray computed Tomography and Acoustic Emission will be illustrated thanks to industrial projects addressing among others the qualification of composite bearing cages and of a composite crane boom. Then, we will focus on applications dealing with online inspection of composite structures production. An ultrasonic phased array inspection method was developed in order to monitor continuously the integrity of a pultruded thermoplastic tape during its manufacturing. This system has to detect lacks of resin impregnation and dry fibers in real time with an inspection cadency in agreement to industrial requirements. Finally, infrared thermography systems will be presented for the monitoring of the thermoplastic 3D filament winding process (SPIDE TP) and of the Quilty Stratum Process (QSP). The objectives of these systems are respectively to detect disbonds, inter-tape porosities… following the thermoplastic tape welding (SPIDE TP) and to check the temperature distribution on the thermoplastic lay-up preform before press-forming (QSP).