Operation analysis of eddy current and ultrasonic methods in defect detection of weld seam of high frequency electric resistance welding gas pipes

Rasooly, Meysam; Technical Inspection; Iran

Rasooly, M.; Isfahan University of Technology; Iran

ID: ECNDT-0398-2018
Session: Oil & Gas 3
Room: H2
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 09:20 - 09:40

Quality control is the main way to reach desired quality in production processes according to service condition that involves destructive and nondestructive tests. Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic nondestructive technologies are important methods in this point of view to achieve material properties, component tests in production line and semi-finished products; also the advanced new tools and appliances are used to flaw assessment of in service parts in practical condition for RBI and FFS evaluations that are argued in API 579, 580 and 581 standards.
In the other hand in all manufacturing and production methods, quality is major principal for lucre gain. Here we use eddy current and ultrasonic tools with high accuracy and high performance speed to assure optimum efficiency with no influence in practical properties of line pipes; hence this article compare both Phenomenon and physical properties of them to evaluate the applicability of new proposed instruments as a nondestructive test for defect detection and flaw assessment of HF ERW weld seam in gas pipes mill.
Acquaintance and description of HF ERW manufacturing procedure specification as the main method in gas and petroleum steel pipe production is followed by two test software and hardware conditions for quality control system. Final part is abbreviation of advantages and restrictions that are mentioned in practical specially usage of this technology in assurance systems for steel pipeline inspection. The results of this essay have been propagated based on quality control system and production lines of five gas and petroleum pipe mills and more than 10 years gas pipe production experiments and related optimum quantities for calibration of equipment have been used.