Parametric Optimization of TIG Welding process Parameters in high strength LY 12 Aluminum sheets


Butt, A.; Center of Advanced Studies in Engineering; Pakistan
Ali, A.; Center of Advanced Studies in Engineering; Pakistan
Saleem, I.; Center of Advanced Studies in Engineering; Pakistan

ID: ECNDT-0577-2018

Tungsten inert Arc welding (TIG) is the most important process for welding high strength Aluminum Alloy sheets in manufacturing industry. Typically welding parameters namely current ,type of shielding gas, electrode and quality of material being welded are the important parameters. Altering the weld parameters can attain the desired weld however weld quality especially the strength and inconsistency of the welding quality is determined by radiography, tensile testing or strength analysis. Optimization of the results for weldment in the case of Aluminum alloy sheets is based on the relationship between current and weld strength analyzed through tensile strength. This is further accentuated by micro structure analysis that indicate strong relationship in attaining good weld quality. The correct understanding of TIG parameters is the most important task required to obtain optimized weld of Aluminum Alloy sheets (LY 12)with high quality standards for containers in manufacturing industry. In this study an effort is made to evaluate the existing TIG welding parameters to attain an optimal solution in terms of strength and load bearing parameters . It is therefore investigated the effect of connected parameters to obtain a high quality weld in high strength alloy Aluminum sheets and finalize recommendations.