PETROBOT case study: 3D profilometry of pig trap using the BIKE as carrier

van den Bos, Barend; DEKRA Industrial AB; Sweden

van den Bos, B.; DEKRA Industrial AB; Sweden
Strand, J.; DEKRA Industrial AB; Sweden
Oetiker, M.; GE Inspection Robotics Ltd; Switzerland

ID: ECNDT-0357-2018
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Session: Oil & Gas 2
Room: H2
Date: 2018-06-11
Time: 16:00 - 16:20

PETROBOT is a now finished EU funded project. The aim of PETROBOT was to develop and demonstrate robotic inspection solutions for inspection of petrochemical pressure vessels. Inspection of pressure vessels in the petrochemical industry is a manual, time consuming, potentially hazardeous work. PETROBOT brought together the entire value chain, from robot and inspection technology providers to inspection service providers and end-users to develop and demonstrate robotized inspection solutions at a high TRL level.
This paper presents one of the real inspections that were performed as a part of PETROBOT: an inspection of the inner surface of a pig trap. The aim of the inspection was to perform a 3D profilometry of a section of the inner surface. Out of the available tools developed in PETROBOT, the BIKE crawler was selected together with the LMI Gocator.
The BIKE crawler, developed by GE Inspection Robotics, is a very versatile magnetic crawler that can handle obstacles, steps and very tight radii. The LMI Gocator is a tool that uses structured white light to measure the profile over an area.
The result of the inspection was presented as images showing the topography of the surface. Sizes of selected anomalies could be measured. The accuracy of depth measurements was better than 0,1 mm.
The test was very successful and provided useful information to the PETROBOT members on the usefulness of the inspection solution.