Phased Array UT Equipment: Optimization of Digitizing Parameters


Poirier, J; Zetec; France
Richard, D; Zetec; Canada
Maes, G; Zetec; Canada

ID: ECNDT-0060-2018

Digital UT acquisition systems have been used for several decades, both for conventional ultrasound and for phased array. When performing digitization, and recording of UT signals, there is always a compromise to be made between scanning speed on the one hand, and accuracy/resolution of the examination on the other hand.

Over the years, software user interfaces have become more simplified, and very often include automated parameters settings. So, the applied digitizing parameters are not always easy to verify for inexperienced operators. Inappropriate parameter values can either jeopardize the validity of the inspection results (detection capability, flaw sizing accuracy), or unnecessarily reduce the inspection speed.

This paper will give an overview of the key digitizing parameters. Several theoretical and practical examples will be used to illustrate how they eventually determine the acquisition rate and the quality of the inspection results. It will also be demonstrated how appropriate and transparent automated setting, optimization and reporting features can guarantee the quality and code compliance of the PA UT examination.