Proline – a standardized modular System for production integrated ultrasonic testing

Ritter, J.; VOGT Ultrasonics GmbH; Germany

Ritter, J.; VOGT Ultrasonics GmbH; Germany
Vogt, B.; VOGT Ultrasonics GmbH; Germany
Vogt, G.; VOGT Ultrasonics GmbH; Germany

ID: ECNDT-0019-2018
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Session: Composite Material - UT 5
Room: G1
Date: 2018-06-15
Time: 10:50 - 11:10

In general, the non-destructive inspection with ultrasonic technology requires individual inspection solutions according to each component and needs. Influences of the surface geometry, the defect position within the component as well as the regions of interest rarely allow standardized solutions. That’s why inspection systems need to be adapted to the specific application. To reduce the effort for the construction of such ultrasonic inspection systems, a modular system design makes sense.
The compact system design and the modular PROline concept allows for the use of various standard modules to create application specific solutions. Thereby the customized system construction is minimized and the price/value ratio of the inspection systems is optimized. The process-safe inspection systems and modules can be adapted to different inspection tasks, increasing requirements and application fields.
Each PROline solution consists of the PROlineUSB ultrasonic inspection device as the core element, the inspection and evaluation software and the inspection mechanics. All 3 solution components are modular configurable. The individual inspection solution is composed out of a variety of standard modules, perfectly adapted to the
customers’ requirements. At this, the hardware (e.g. number of ultrasonic channels and probes, encoder interfaces, automated or manual component feeding) is as flexible as the inspection software (e.g. various evaluation and data processing possibilities). Depending on the inspection task, the system works with conventional ultrasonic technique or Phased Array technology. The coupling is performed in immersion-, squirter- or with bubbler technique for water-sensitive components. The water conditioning can also be individually compiled out of standard modules. The wide range of interfaces (digital and analogue) enables the integration directly into the production process and the communication with various customer systems.
Nevertheless, if specific modifications of the standard modules (mechanics, electronics and software) are required by the customer, VOGT will be pleased to provide additional customized solutions.