Mazal, Pavel; Czech Society for NDT; Czech Republic

Jana, M.; Policske strojirny a.s., Policka; Czech Republic
Mahmoud, H.; Brno University of Technology; Czech Republic
Mazal, P.; Brno University of Technology; Czech Republic
Vlasic, F.; Centre of Technical Diagnostic ZD Rpety - DAKEL; Czech Republic

ID: ECNDT-0414-2018
Session: Acoustic Emission 1
Room: J1
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 16:00 - 16:20

The present paper deals with acoustic emission detection technique in pneumatic cylinders under loading. The average energy of acoustic emission signal RMS compares the different response between damaged and undamaged pneumatic cylinders with and without loading. The cylinders were loaded gradually by different weights during their movement in horizontal and vertical direction. The aim of loading is to enlarge the amount of leak. The signals were recorded from progress and retreat stroke, and analyzed to many parameters like RMS, and the data was normalized. Undamaged and damaged cylinders with and without loading were compared according to the normalizing data, to find distinctive differences that determine whether the cylinder is damaged or undamaged. The ideal time dependence was established and the relationship between RMS and the movement of piston was explained for one cycle according to the time. In other hand the maximum value of RMS was calculated for each cylinder. The paper tries to prove relationship between RMS and loading is linear in undamaged cylinders.
This study follows previous papers that concentrate on the condition monitoring of pneumatic components at the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design of Brno University of Technology.