Remote NDT for improved field support line

Turcotte, Jonathan; Sonatest; Canada

Turcotte, J.; Sonatest; Canada

ID: ECNDT-0125-2018

With the growing availability of Internet, Mobile Networks and Cloud technologies, the “Internet of Things” helps people getting connected together more than ever across different industries. Nowadays, these technologies are also available to the NDT market as manufacturers include networking within their instruments. However, remote NDT is not just a question of accessing remotely the inspected part or restricted areas but also applies to a new way of collaboration between site technicians and remote experts. This paper presents the results of development of a new cloud remote access solution that connects every level of users over mobile or land networks. Application of this solution can definitely help to avoid errors associated to different human factors and field experiences from different collaborators using ultrasonic flaw detectors will be presented in order to highlight the possibilities and limitations that such a solution can bring to the NDT industry.