Requirements and possibilities to guarantee the working order of automated ultrasonic imaging systems

Szewieczek, Artur; Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger Ultrasonic-Techniques; Germany

Szewieczek, A.; Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger Ultrasonic-Techniques; Germany
Ilse, D.; Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger Ultrasonic-Techniques; Germany
Hillger, W.; Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger Ultrasonic-Techniques; Germany
Bühling, L.; Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger Ultrasonic-Techniques; Germany

ID: ECNDT-0101-2018
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Session: Qualification and standards 2
Room: J1
Date: 2018-06-14
Time: 16:40 - 17:00

In order to guarantee reliable results of the imaging ultrasound test, it is necessary to check the test system itself regularly, partly before and after each test. Possible errors in the test system arise, e.g. by earing the probes, wear of the mechanics, misalignment or defects of the UT system. A common method is the examination of a defined reference specimen and the comparison of the result with previous scans by the examiner. By subtracting the master C-scan and displaying the result, differences can be assessed more easily, thus saving time and improving reliability. Partially, the auditor can also be dispensed with by means of automatic analysis. Corresponding tools are available for our testing set-ups and will be presented in the paper.

It is important for the meaningfulness of this test method that the test parameters, the amplitude dynamic range and the structures of the reference measurement to be mapped correspond to those of the subsequent component test. This requirement can be easily achieved in the examination of serial parts, but not in the case of various tests, e.g. in the laboratory.

Since the imaging properties are checked during the reference test but not all possible system functions are tested, a periodic calibration of the UT system is necessary. The characteristics of the test system are systematically recorded, documented and checked for compliance with limit values. For our test systems, we also offer this as an on-site service.