Simulation-based performances assessment of FMC-TFM array imaging techniques

Calmon, Pierre; CEA LIST; France

Calmon, P.; CEA, LIST; France
Le Bourdais, F.; CEA, LIST; France
Artusi, X.; CEA, LIST; France
Miorelli, R.; CEA, LIST; France
Leberre, S.; CEA, LIST; France

ID: ECNDT-0360-2018
Download: PDF
Session: PAUT & TFM 2
Room: G2
Date: 2018-06-11
Time: 16:40 - 17:00

Advanced array imaging techniques such as FMC-TFM and derived methods arouse a great interest and are more and more used since they allow improved performances in a wide range of situations. Often, some questions arise about the quantification of these performances, the relative advantages of different techniques or set-up, also about the sensitivity to uncontrolled parameters. Thus it is often interesting to optimize the technique by reducing the number of ultrasonic firings while maintaining a good level of performances. To assess the performances of array imaging techniques is not a trivial task since it requires to adapt existing metrics (such as POD) and to account for variability of influent parameters. In this communication we demonstrate the potential of simulation tool to fulfill these needs. The present study is based on the use of versatile simulation tools implemented in the CIVA platform which allow to predict results obtained when applying a given processing algorithm to a given acquisition scheme (defined by the subset of simultaneously/successively emitting/receiving elements). Comparing different processing techniques and different acquisition schemes becomes possible. Moreover, statistical analysis of results issued from meta-models derived from CIVA allow to evaluate the sensitivity of the technique to various influent parameters. Probability of detection curves can be extracted and the sizing accuracy can be quantified and compared.