Simultaneous Increase of Productivity, Capacity and Quality in NDT of Engine Components

Bron, Michael; ScanMaster Systems(IRT) Ltd.; Israel

Miltreyger, A.; ScanMaster Systems Ltd.; Israel
Bron, M.; ScanMaster Systems Ltd.; Israel
Saitowitz, S.; ScanMaster Systems Ltd.; Israel

ID: ECNDT-0105-2018
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Session: Aerospace 1
Room: G1
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 11:30 - 11:50

The aerospace industry has experienced a rapid ramp up in production over the last few years and this ramp up will increase in the coming years. The demand for component supply especially engine disk and related hardware, is forcing manufactures to find ways to address the bottle necks created at the Ultrasonic NDT stage of production and also maintaining high standards of quality.

Increasing capacity does not necessarily increase production nor quality. Finding ways to get more out of available equipment and personnel does increase production and with the right technology improves quality.

It is not enough to only automate. Automation does undoubtedly speed things up however the actual increase in production is still not where most manufacturers would like. Therefore technology that automates, allows for employees to be more productive, improves quality and increases capacity is the key to dealing with the expected ramp up in an expedient and cost saving manner.

ScanMaster’s development over the last 8 years has been focused in this direction achieving positive results and enormous production increases, higher quality inspections and tremendous cost savings for one very well-known OEM.

These developments include improving the following:
• Transportability of part programs between multiple systems after importing geometry from existing CAD drawings
• Automation of every day procedures such as transducer normalization, sensitivity calibrations and material attenuation
• Automation of adaptation of sound beam entry on surfaces with incomplete finishing
• Sophisticated algorithms to auto evaluate captured data while working according to OEM procedures and specifications.
• High speed data collection and automatic file compression.
• Easy transducer change mechanisms for multi-zone type inspection.
• Solutions for automatic loading/unloading of the inspected parts
• Rapid Data exchange solution
• Unattended scanning: one operator running multi systems.

These development result in increased capacity, quality, [production and overhead costs.