SPECIAL AutomatED MPI system UNIMAG 2600 AC/AC/AC for Railway axles

DOUBEK, Ondřej; ATG - Advanced Technology Group; Czech Republic

Doubek, O.; Advanced Technology Group; Czech Republic

ID: ECNDT-1005-2018

The special system for testing of railway axles UNIMAG 2600 AC/AC/AC is designed as a horizontal MPI bench equipped by 3 independent AC current sources working in combined magnetization for detection of all orientation and kinds of surface defects. The bench has 2 motorized coils for longitudinal magnetization and point clamping via central holes of axles for circular magnetization. Complete magnetization process is automated, including inspection data and pictures archiving and exporting to the central database. Central conveyer system provides information which axles are going to the system and based on that information the system automatically sets the pole distance, all parameters, including type of automatic process.