tecnaLUS: Laser ultrasonic inspections are ready for CFRP aeronautical parts in production

Cuevas, Esmeralda; TECNATOM, SA; Spain

Cuevas, E.; Tecnatom S.A.; Spain
Ramos, C.G.; Tecnatom S.A.; Spain

ID: ECNDT-0498-2018
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Session: Acoustic Emission 2 / Laser UT 1
Room: J1
Date: 2018-06-14
Time: 09:20 - 09:40

tecnaLUS is the first European industrial system, based on Laser Ultrasonic technology for the inspection of aeronautical components and integrated with RABIT technology, TECNATOM robotic concept that integrates all the stages of the inspection process (calibration, acquisition, evaluation) under an industrial vision considering CE marking, safety and productivity, and ensuring repetitiveness, traceability, recording and optimization of the inspection times and production rates.

Laser Ultrasonic technology has demonstrated its capabilities in the inspection of composites with different surface finishes, different materials, and even different manufacturing methods. This technology is able to detect and to size the defectology present in the production and in service life stages of Aeronautical components, such as delaminations, lack of bonding, porosity and inclusions.

tecnaLUS is installed in industrial environment since July 2016, and will achieve TRL9 (Technology Readiness Level) according to Airbus Defence & Space internal procedures once the system is working in production during one year.

Additionally, the system has been qualified industrial and technically according Airbus, and Airbus Defence & Space procedures. The system is ready for production inspections with all the needed qualifications since second third 2017.

tecnaLUS, system based in Laser Ultrasonic technology and robotic concept is already being used for industrial inspections of aeronautical components.