The future of ultrasonic NDT with IoT

Udell, Chris; Proceq; Switzerland

Udell, C.; Proceq SA; Switzerland
Tsalicoglou, I.; Proceq SA; Switzerland
Mennicke, R.; Proceq SA; Switzerland

ID: ECNDT-0467-2018
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Session: Robotic and automation 1
Room: H2
Date: 2018-06-12
Time: 16:00 - 16:20

DDigital products and services are disrupting traditional industries, now, everywhere. The latest generation of smartphones, tablets and wearables play a key role in advancing technological avenues, in providing higher flexibility, and in improving productivity levels. Opportunities arising from the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are getting understood and embraced by virtually all industries today, and by more and more companies. These opportunities are also finding their way into the manual ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) market.

Frequently found roadblocks to the uptake of such powerful and versatile digital platforms in NDT are found to be

• regulations, e.g. usage of wireless data transmission in oil & gas (O&G),
• restrictive company rules, e.g. companies blocking smartphones or cameras,
• long standing and user habits, e.g. maintaining inefficient outdated workflows,
• fear of external data storage, e.g. blocking cloud-based backup solutions.

To overcome these and expedite the digital transformation in the NDT markets, NDT supplier companies need to take the efforts to illustrate the huge number of advantages that the combination of NDT and digitalization yield.

On examples from various industries, inefficiencies in ultrasonic NDT workflows will be identified, and faster, more flexible, lower cost, and higher quality testing solutions will be suggested. The authors will illustrate how users have achieved tremendous benefits from using IoT-based solutions.

Based on these case studies, the attractiveness of the business case for investments in digital infrastructure and IoT in NDT applications will be clearly shown, and evidence of savings by using novel solutions will be provided.