The Technical college “Inspection and Testing Engineer”

Lindblom, Jonny; NDT Training Center AB (certification body); Sweden

Lindblom, J.; NDT Training Center AB; Sweden

ID: ECNDT-0432-2018
Session: Qualification and standards 2
Room: J1
Date: 2018-06-14
Time: 15:40 - 16:00

In year 2009 the two years technical college “Inspection- and testning engineer” was introduced in Sweden.
The aim with this presentation is to inform about the education, the content, experiences made by students, trainers and employers.

-Background and objective
-The Inspection and Testing companies iniative
-Education concept
-Present status

Introduction (information to the applicants):
-Prevent safety, quality and environmental problems
-The mission to search, detect and evaluate damages in load carrying structures
-Cross-functional teamwork
-A broad and expanding technical area

Industrial competence program:
-Technical processes 2, 100p
-Production knowledge 2, 100p
-Math 3b, 100p
-Physics 1, 150p
-Math 3, 100p

General content:
-Testing and inspection techniques
-Basic technical subjects
-Wide insight of the industry and agiences
-Trade organisations to legal requirements
-Team spirit and project management
-Five NDT methods according ISO 9712 including Nordtest

Background – The labor market
The need within the industry:
-Independant third party inspections and testing is carried out by the Technical Control companies
-The share of inhouse industry inspection and testing constitutes approximately 40%

Previous situation:
-Requitment problems at the third party inpection and testing companies
-Expanded need of technical inspection and testing
-Generation shift causing larger retirements then ordinarily
-The similar situation was valid for inhouse technical inspection and testing companies

-Long lead-time at employers due to the ISO 9712 training, practice and certifation requirements
-Insufficient basic technology skills

-Direct suitable technical college

The objective:
-Direct employment in the technical control industry
Prepared for work such as:
-Inspection of lifts, gates, lifting devices, pressurized vessels, etc
-Non-destructive testing of welded, cast, forged, polymeric components, etc

Technical control companies iniative:
-Custom-made education
-An opportunity for the students ”Learn what they need“
-Business practice
-The students”get to know” the job
-The companies ”get to know” the students

Opportunity for effective reqruitments.