Using Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Technique for damage detection of a flat boat hull

Shavhani, khathutshelo; Vaal University of Technology; South Africa

Mabuza, B.R.; Vaal University of Technology; South Africa
Shavhani, K.; Vaal University of Technology; South Africa

ID: ECNDT-0385-2018
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Session: Composite Material - UT 4
Room: G1
Date: 2018-06-15
Time: 10:00 - 10:20

The utilization of composite materials is expanding in various applications in the design of various components because of their unique properties of high strength, low weight and greater corrosion resistance. Due to the complex composition matrixes of composite materials, the need for Nondestructive Testing method that is effective in the inspection and evaluation of these structures is inevitable. This paper focuses on the detection of a flat boat hull using Ultrasonic Phased Array Technique.

Ultrasonic Phased Array is a technique that has the ability to use a single transducer assembly of multiple elements to steer, focus and scan beams on the inspected components. The SONATEST VEO+Phased Array flaw detector was used for damage detection. Due to the ability of imaging by B and C-scans, the evaluation and characterization of damage within the flat boat hull was reliable and fast. The results in this paper have shown that Phased Array is a suitable and reliable Ultrasonic Technique for detection of damage in a flat boat hull.