UT in Phased Array applications for Control of Structures and Piping of stages in the European Space Launchers

Tosti, Elena; Avio; Italy

Tosti, E.; AVIO S.p.A.; Italy

ID: ECNDT-0620-2018
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Session: Aerospace 4
Room: G1
Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 09:20 - 09:40

The non-destructive controls applied to components of the Stages manufactured by AVIO for the small European Launcher VEGA, include UT when possible as a consequence of the low cost and absence of environmental hazards. UT in phased array are in development to check the solid state propellant motor structure obtained by using the wrapped carbon filament technology. The composite resulting after polymerization of the structure is characterized by a degree of compactness which generates high attenuation of the ultrasound signal. This requires a generator of high power pulse when high frequency probes are used for resolution requirement during the NDT control of the structure. Recently two major improvements have allowed good results in UT application to this kind of structures. The improvement comes from both the type of technology that produces more compact structures as well as from the UT last generation systems. The ultrasound techniques are a practical and cost effective non-destructive inspection for this kind of structures and are prone to the automatization as recommended in the industrialization of manufacturing cycles.

On the other hand, also for the control of piping on the liquid propellant stage is under development the application of UT in phased array because avoiding complications associated with safety during assembling, that make the times unacceptably long.

The paper presents the results obtained through a UT System in Phased Array, developed as prototype for non-destructive control of the cylindrical part of insulated casing Solid Propellant Rockets and on piping of liquid propellant stage.