Variation Management in automatic NDT Lines

Hansson, Johan; Sandvik Materials Technology; Sweden

Hansson, J.L.; Sandvik Materials Technology; Sweden

ID: ECNDT-0209-2018
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Session: NDT Reliability 3
Room: J1
Date: 2018-06-15
Time: 11:10 - 11:30

All measurement instruments and systems exhibit variations in their results. The variations may originate from the instruments itself or from the conditions at the time of measurement.

For non-destructive testing (NDT) instruments and systems these variations are usually not known, but are compensated for by adding a safety margin. The size of this safety margin is decided by experience or taken from international and national standards.

Within Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) we decided that these variations should be known for our automatic ET and UT lines. A procedure has been developed to ensure that this is performed and evaluated in a standardized way.

By running one or more reference standards for a duration longer than a normal shift, both short term and long term variations are included.

The results give us knowledge about the capabilities of our systems. Depending on the outcome of an investigation either the safety margin in the testing line can be reduced, if the standard allows it, or a review of the system performance can be made.

In the end the products to be delivered will be tested in a more accurate and efficient manner.