Delgado, Rafael; Tecnitest Ingenieros, S.L.; Spain

Delgado de Molina, R.; Tecnitest Ingenieros; Spain
Àlvarez, A.; Tecnitest Ingenieros; Spain
Gauna, I.; Tecnitest Ingenieros; Spain
Flòrez, D.; Tecnitest Ingenieros; Spain
Thorpe, N.; Tecnitest Ingenieros; Spain
Acebes, M.; Tecnitest Ingenieros; Spain

ID: ECNDT-0328-2018

The x-ray cabinet equipment is designed to perform conventional and computer (CR) radiography or real time (DR) on pieces placed on a table or holder that can be manipulated inside a shielded enclosure. The X-Ray Cabinets consist of shielded a cabin that allows safe operation of x-ray equipment up to 320kV. Inside the cabin different manipulators can be installed, the complexity of those manipulator will be different according to customer specifications from very simple ones, few manual axes to most complex ones motorized and programmable which can be used to move the X-ray source, the component or the detection media, be it film, Imaging Plates or flat panel.

Standard system has at least three degrees of freedom and with an additional turntable or holder for the component. The X axis moves the turntable or component holder inwards and outwards. The Y axis can move the x-ray tube support arm to the left and right and the Z axis, raises and lowers the X-ray/Flat panel tube support arm. Where applicable the W axis rotates the table or the X-ray tube/Flat panel support arm. The X-ray head can also be rotated for angled shots.

In terms of design of the X Ray Shielding Cabinets, “Non Standard” Cabinets can be developed. The cabinets are customized and can be modular by dismountable panels to assure an easy installation where lack of available space; high KV shielding or extra-size dimensions are required